Why Great Web Design and Killer SEO Tactics Go Hand-in-Hand

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Website design and development can help to turn a dream into a reality. However, even in its completed state, people must know how to find your business– and this is where SEO fits in. SEO stands for search engine optimization and in this day and age, it is crucial to growth, success and revenue. 

Luckily, you don’t need to be business savvy to fully harness the benefits of SEO; especially when a consulting company can help to set a solid foundation for your completed web design project. That being said, it will be beneficial to understand how web development and SEO works together in a symbiotic relationship (a digital one, that is).

Once your website has been developed, it needs to be seen in the search results for your own particular keywords. Without getting into the logistics of keywords, these are basically words or phrases which your potential customers or clientele will type in on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. An example keyword Trivium Consulting Group might use could be: ‘web development and consulting company’, or ‘web development Tomball, Rank High and Aim Higher

If your site is not found within page 1 or 2 it’s pretty much non-existent to potential searchers, and other secondary methods will need to be relied upon (like social media). For this reason alone, you need to rank high, and aim higher, for specific keywords. That being said, web design and development plays a key role in SEO. Each adds value to the entire process and your prospective future. The following are just a few ways web design and SEO complements each other:

  • A website compatible with SEO is more likely to draw in traffic.
  • Search engines look for specific SEO tactics before ranking a site
  • Content is vital for SEO success, but must be used properly
  • Proper code and server speeds do make a difference

Elegant, smooth design, great content with relevant keywords and visual elements like images, videos or audio comes together to make a stunning site. Search engines favor this. However, they also like to see websites which are easy to crawl; thereby, requiring fewer resources on their side. A web design company can take this into consideration and use the most up-to-date technology and coding techniques to enable a site for optimal search engine usability without compromising your company goals. 

First Impressions Matter

Circumventing back into the web design and site aesthetics, your strong SEO techniques will encourage site traffic. The last thing you want is to have people landing on a site that looks outdated or is not user friendly. Your website, particularly your home or landing page, is the first impression of your company. It must make a positive, lasting imprint. A clean home page with a color combination appeasing the eye is just as important as the navigation, search engine friendliness and media. Up to 50% of web users access sites through a smartphone or tablet so be sure to consider responsive web design (the ability to access and view a site on different devices).

Web designers and developers often have a first look, and in-depth understanding, at technological and digital advancements – because after all, these are the same people doing the developing! A good company will be able to take these advancements into consideration when developing your site.  

Ultimately, when you have a website designed, SEO should be incorporated into it from the very beginning. This way, a solid foundation is established while saving you time, money and further effort from having to make these changes in the future. 

Enable Your Business to Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Trivium Consulting Group specializes in web design and digital marketing which helps businesses take their initiatives to a whole new level of excellence. If you would like to know more about our web design, development or SEO services, contact Trivium Consulting Group today at 832-294-1897.

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