Defining Your Website

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Wikipedia, eHow, and StackExchange are some of the most popular educational sites. They may look quite simple to the average person, but are rather complex in terms of coding and development.

Defining Your Website’s Purpose

Before you plan and design your website, you need to examine the reasons for having a site in the first place. As obvious as that may sound, there are finer details to understand which enable you to truly define your website’s purpose. If you look at some of your favorite sites, you will find that each one serves multiple purposes. For instance, Trivium Consulting Group’s main purpose is to help people with their web design, developing, and marketing needs. To get the exact website you want and need for your business, you will have to explore your different options and choose one(s) which meets your purpose. 

Choosing Your Websites Purpose

The purpose of your website can be broad or single focused; some types include:

Informational Site: Considered to be the most basic of websites, this tells visitor what you offer, where to get it, how to contact you, and perhaps a little about yourself. They’re fast to develop and typically include between 1 and 5 pages. 

Educational Site: These websites, although informational, gener

Inspirational Site: As some of the most popular websites on the internet, inspirational sites often are rich in stories, photography, and music. You may find a wealth of information scattered across a number of different pages or blogs. TED, Storytellers for Good, and Letters of Note are some great examples of these specific sites. 

Promotional Sites: Event showcasing and art portfolios are types of promotional sites which focus on a person, individual, or event. The can be straightforward or complex and often include an eCommerce purpose. 

eCommerce Sites: Perhaps the most common website, these exist primarily to sell you something. It could be one product or service, or 1000s of products and multiple services. Some eCommerce sites you most likely have heard of include Amazon, lululemon athletica, Etsy, and iHerb. eCommerce sites can be small to very large and have a lot of extra features including a built-in user platform, shopping cart, or payment management area. 

Find Your Purpose, Build You Site

By understanding what your final objective is, you can determine the purpose of your site. With this in mind, you’ll be on your way to letting a web developer know exactly what you want. If you’re interested in taking your business to the next level, talk to Trivium Consulting Group today. 

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