5 Things Your Website Should Include

So, you’ve taken that leap. The one you’ve been dreaming about for so long and it’s finally happening! You’re building a website and gearing up to secure your future. It’s an exciting time, but one which also carries a lot of thought, planning and preparation. Millions of websites exist on the web and to be noticed, your site has to say ‘wow’! As a web development company in Houston, TX there are a few things we always recommend including in a website. Although the ultimate choice is yours, skipping out on these important considerations could have a significant impact on your site.

Smooth Navigation – Your site should layout in a clear, neatly organized manner. Everything you offer or have to say should be easy to locate on the site and reminiscent to what users expect in a site. For example, people are accustomed to menus being on the top or side. Although you might think it’s a great idea to put your menu in a new, clever place, it’s not recommended.

Appealing Design – It’s all too common for new site owners to want to include their own favorite color combinations, font or creative layout into a design. While input is most certainly a good idea, you should think about what your users would want to see on your site. For example, a red background with purple text is visually hard on the eyes and could promote your users to go elsewhere. Your design should be up-to-par with current trends and include a perfect amount of background space in between all forms of your content.

Easy Contact Method – Most web developers and business owners get this one right, but forgetting, or choosing not, to include a contact area does happen. Unless you absolutely do not want anyone to contact you, be sure to have a contact page or area within your footer which lists your details or a form.

Mobile-Friendly – Up to half of all internet users access the web through a phone. Your website should be mobile responsive and touch optimized to get the best results for your objectives. A Houston TX web developer can further discuss this with you during a consultation.

Call-to-Action – Psychological studies show that people like to be told what to do or where to go next, especially on the web. Don’t forget to include a great call-to-action on your website. This should stand out and say “hey look here!”

Trivium Consulting Group, a TX Web Development Company

There is so much more that goes into a stunning, memorable website. If you would like to turn your idea into a physical form which attracts your target audience in all the right ways, contact Trivium Consulting Group today. One of our Houston TX web developers would love to chat about your goals.

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