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Defining Your Website
Defining Your Website 1024 682 trivium_admin

Wikipedia, eHow, and StackExchange are some of the most popular educational sites. They may look quite simple to the average person, but are rather complex in terms of coding and development. Defining Your Website’s Purpose Before you plan and design your website, you need to…

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How to Crack a WiFi
How to Crack a WiFi 960 540 trivium_admin

All information here and below is for educational purposes only, and should only be used on your own networks, or networks that you own. Do NOT break the law. Using aircrack-ng root@# ifconfig wlan0 down root@# iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor root@# ifconfig wlan0 up root@#…

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Your Web Design Layout Matters
Your Web Design Layout Matters 1024 792 trivium_admin

If you’ve hired a web design and development company in Houston TX, you may be asked whether or not you have an idea for a layout. Although a good designer can assist you in this creative decision, it can be useful to have a basic…

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Everyone Needs Social Media – Here’s Why
Everyone Needs Social Media – Here’s Why 1024 683 trivium_admin

Some might say that social media is one of the greatest innovations on the web. It’s brought people from around the world together to discuss prominent issues, share ideas and connect with friends. Businesses of all sizes and types have also greatly benefited from social…

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