Odoo Two Factor Authentication Key Features

Trivium Consulting Group implemented following features for two factor authentication in odoo.

  • odoo 2FA will enable/disable from backed for specific user
  • Two factor authentication will work enable/disable from frontend for users
  • Easy to use and implement, No extra configuration required.
  • Working smooth and faster with google authenticator and other same mobile app
  • Send QR code and secret key to email

Easy steps to enable the 2FA for odoo

Following slides for configuration of two factor authentication and how to verify code after login. After configure this odoo 2fa, You need a iOS or Android Authenticator app to generate 2FA code and click on verify button to proceed with login.

1. Go to settings > users > USER
2. Enable 2FA and save the setting

1. Go to my account
2. Enable 2FA and save the setting

Enter 2FA code from authenticator app and click on verify button to proceed with login.

This 2fa odoo app is also available

Download and configure this two factor authentication is available in odoo 9, odoo 10, odoo 11, odoo 12 and odoo 13


Implement 2FA Authentication for odoo 13



Setup 2FA Authentication for odoo 12



OTP based security in odoo version 11



Google authenticator setup for odoo 10



This 2fa also support in odoo v9


Why to get secured with Google Two Factor Authentication in odoo?

In every time anyone enters your username and password (in case) to login, instantly a new page pop up and ask for a verification code. This unique Time-based One-Time Google Authenticator app will generate qr code and password on your smart phone. So, this new layer of security app will maintain stable and high security of your odoo admin. Any app that supports the Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) algorithm can be used to generate the security token for you.

  • Improved Security:-  We know any of odoo user have concern that How to implement two factor authentication in odoo, we have developed this 2fa in odoo for secure your odoo backend and frontend and two-step verification from google authenticator mobile app
  • Save your security management cost:-This odoo app is one stop solution for your save your security management cost, With this increadable two factor based security in odoo that’s enough to login your odoo.
  • Working with opensource mobile app:-This 2FA security working smoothly in Android/iOS google authenticator mobile application, you just configure using QR code scanning method at once.
  • Flexibility and enhanced mobility:-This two factor authentication allow you flexible solution and this will provide high security protection againce attackers and stop access to odoo accounts or other sensitive resources.

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