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Odoo HR Management | HRMS in Odoo

We have developed Odoo HR Management software that provide comprehensive solution. We have implemented all odoo HR modules that takes care of all your HR processes while you take care of your employees. The most advanced HR Management which is work with odoo and this will help both small and large sized enterprises. Following odoo module we have added :

Odoo HR Management Features

Following features that help processes which will connect human resource management and information technology and This odoo HR management software is perfect combination of employees work, leave and salary reports

Totally Automation in HR Task

Now HR workload comprehensive, This odoo HR management can help to tranform paper work to paper-less were HR can add Employee recruitment, Record management, Employee Benefits, Timesheets and other administrative tasks easy with this odoo Human Resource management software.

Accurate Management

We have developed this Accurate Management odoo HR Software for planing and implementation employee quality improvement programs, certificates; determine how they are integrated into the overall business strategy and build up perfect management.

Easy to Manage Employee

This odoo HR management modules, you just correct the path that make employee independent. Employee’s workforce with all arrangement of employees data, This odoo HR management software is one stop solution to enhance the employee participation at all possible.

System Consultation & Demo

We can provide you free consultation of this odoo Human Resource Management System also provide demo of this system for odoo version and odoo editions. Feel free to contacting us for get free question of this odoo HR system.

Following Odoo Modules that We've Implemented :

Time sheet

Odoo Leave Management Module

  • Biometric Device Configuration
  • Leave Approval Points
  • Vacation Time and Period
  • Leave Policy and Terms
  • Leave Request Sending
  • Attendances Reports

We have implemented above mentioned modules for odoo leave management, odoo leave report management, attendance report and other device configuration

This odoo HR management or odoo human resource management module includes real time attendance process and flow with different – different leave categories for employee

Odoo Recruitment Module

  • Job opening list
  • Status for Recruitment Process
  • Manage Candidate’s Data
  • Employee Joining Formalities
  • Resignation Information
  • Interview & Skill test

In this odoo HR system, we have implemented odoo recruitment module for tracking, analysis and checking recruiting process easy and fast. You can list your openings, define the recruitment stages, track the candidates or Job seekers and place the most suitable resource faster with HR reports.

Employees Module

  • Manage all Details of Employee
  • All HR Documents
  • Search, Modify Employe Info
  • Filters and more

In this Human resource management module, We have implemented odoo employees module for data storing, send notification from HR to employee who had registed in this odoo HR module with above mentioned features.

In this Human resource management module, We have also implemented few features such as Add new employees in simple steps, Modify information easy, filter and search the employee fast

Project Management

  • Dashboard
  • Project Status
  • Task and other Activites
  • Task reports
  • Charts
  • Search and Filter

In this odoo HR management system we have implemented odoo project management seamlessly you are able to create the project in this odoo human resource management module of odoo.

You can check Project Dashboard, Task And Next Activities, Task Analysis and reports for number of hours spent for particular project.

Timesheet Module

  • Task Tracking
  • Count Number of Hours
  • Count Number of Minutes
  • Search and Filter

In this odoo HRMS management we have implemented timesheet fuctionality for employee which is use for add talk with number minutes and number of hours to finish and notify to concerned person that assigned cated task has finished

The project manager or Lead Developer or concerned person can able check status of those tasks which are assigned to employees.


  • Contract System for Employee
  • Rules and Structure of Salary
  • Salary Pay as Per Timesheet
  • Payslip Format and Send

Payroll module we have implemented in this odoo human resource management software which is contain payslip creation methods based on the timesheet, salary rules, and salary structures as per company’s norms.

HR Reports

  • Recruitment Reports
  • Attendance – Timesheet Reports
  • Payroll and Expense Reports
  • Leaves Reports so on.

This fuctionality of odoo HR management modules allows to HR that they can genrete reports, HR or This system user can check all status with each and every module of this system and download report in pdf format that contain all capuring and stored information of system.

Choose The Right HRMS

A simple HR management system is must for all companies or agencies or organizations. Track all employee activities are must, Smart and Simple HR work and get deep reports and Analysis. Human Resources Software is used by businesses to combine numerous HR functions, such as storing employee data, employee relations, payrolls and benefits, recruitment processes, benefits administration and record keeping. Human resources processes are manageable and easy to access. – Trivium Consulting Group leading ERP development company, We develop and customize odoo HRMS modules

Why Trivium Consulting Group Odoo HRMS?

Trivium Consulting Group is best odoo development company, we implement, configure, develop, customize odoo HRMS and deliver the most reliable cost-effective ERP systems as well as we also deliver ERP related software products which help to achive client goal with ideation and implementation. Please contact us, we would be happy to provides you demo of odoo HRMS system or odoo human resource management software.

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