Self Auditing Your Websites’ Branding and Design

Do you feel like your website is not doing as well as it could or should be? If so, there are a number of different reasons this could be happening – even when you have a great product or service. Up to 1 in 3 people will seek out the expertise and skills of a Houston web development company to have a total website upgrade.
To get a better idea of whether or not your current site needs some improvement, take a look at the following branding and design checklist. If you spot things that are missing, or parts which may be outdated, you may benefit from a website overhaul. Let’s begin.
Your Companies’ Branding Efforts
Contrary to what you may think a brand is not limited to corporate style businesses. Rather, a brand is how your audience will connect or resonate with you, and also must factor in long term relationships and trust. If your brand is not clear, or simply does not exist, this could be part of the reason for an under performing website. Look closely at your site and the following features:
Color – Does your color scheme match and accentuate the overall site? If you’re using a template, have you modified the colors so it looks unique?
Typography – Your website should be rich in compelling content, but the typography (or font) should also compel while remaining consistent across the site. How does your site hold up to this important factor?
Visual Media – Surly you’re familiar with overexposed stock photos on the web. Five years ago, they may were trendy, but now a site will look dull and boring with generic photos. There is nothing wrong with stock photography; however, take your time to choose the perfect images which represent your brand – or let a branding and web development company take care of this task for you.
Tone of Voice – Following in suit with your brand should be the tone of voice. This will be a factor in several areas of the site, most notably the text. You want to ensure the way content reads on one page matches the remaining pages; otherwise, you risk confusion from your audience. The exception to this rule would be a guest posts on a blog.
Your Current Website Design
We’ve moved into an age in technology where websites are able to digitally interact with people from around the world on every type of device imaginable! It’s a very exciting time and one which you don’t want to be straggling behind in. Your website design must match your brand and look, stand out and appear modern. This is one of the primary reasons, the DIY site builders are generally not recommended for people who want a professionally functioning website that looks great.

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