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Why Responsive Web Design is the Only Choice for Online Businesses

Is your website responsive? If you have not already made this upgrade, you are potentially losing users, money and search engine credibility. There are many benefits of responsive web design and in this article we will cover the top 4 reasons why your website needs to accessible on every type of device. With this knowledge…

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5 Things Your Website Should Include

So, you’ve taken that leap. The one you’ve been dreaming about for so long and it’s finally happening! You’re building a website and gearing up to secure your future. It’s an exciting time, but one which also carries a lot of thought, planning and preparation. Millions of websites exist on the web and to be…

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Self Auditing Your Websites’ Branding and Design

Do you feel like your website is not doing as well as it could or should be? If so, there are a number of different reasons this could be happening – even when you have a great product or service. Up to 1 in 3 people will seek out the expertise and skills of a…

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