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SEO is a Commitment: It Takes Time for Your Keywords to Rank

There is a copious amount of articles on SEO keywords and their rank, but what most do not make clear is that it is not an overnight process. In terms of progress, most site owners want everything quickly; however, this is just not the way SEO works. To better understand how SEO is a commitment,…

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Every Business Needs Social Media – Here’s Why

Some might say that social media is one of the greatest innovations on the web. It’s brought people from around the world together to discuss prominent issues, share ideas and connect with friends. Businesses of all sizes and types have also greatly benefited from social media platforms; using them to reach out to people they…

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Defining Your Website’s Purpose

Before you plan and design your website, you need to examine the reasons for having a site in the first place. As obvious as that may sound, there are finer details to understand which enable you to truly define your websites purpose. If you look at some of your favorite sites, you will find that…

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Design Your Website

You’ve got a great business idea and so far you’ve taken the calculated steps to ensure you have all your business documentation in order. Now it’s time to start planning your website, and it needs just as much consideration as everything you may have done so far. Your website should not only define your products…

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Why Responsive Web Design is the Only Choice for Online Businesses

Is your website responsive? If you have not already made this upgrade, you are potentially losing users, money and search engine credibility. There are many benefits of responsive web design and in this article we will cover the top 4 reasons why your website needs to accessible on every type of device. With this knowledge…

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5 Things Your Website Should Include

So, you’ve taken that leap. The one you’ve been dreaming about for so long and it’s finally happening! You’re building a website and gearing up to secure your future. It’s an exciting time, but one which also carries a lot of thought, planning and preparation. Millions of websites exist on the web and to be…

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