The Difference between a Website and Web Platform

Perhaps you’ve contacted a Houston TX web development agency about getting a website created. You’re feeling excited about your vision finally starting to come to life, but then come questions like “would you like a website or a web platform”? Sure, not everyone will require a web platform, but if you’re planning on building a business which involves sign ups, or interactive features, you might need one. Rest assured by the time you get done reading this article, you should be one step closer to knowing what suits your needs best.

What is a Website?

This one’s pretty easy. A website is a collection of web pages which have been linked together and hosted from one domain. A website can be accessed through your preferred web browser like Chrome, or through a private network called a Local Area Network. Two primary types of websites you should know about are static and dynamic. A static website’s content remains consistent until a web developer makes changes or alterations. A dynamic website is updated on a regular basis depending on a set of parameters given by the web developer. Houston businesses such as a restaurant or investment company may be more suited to the later.

What is a Web Platform?

It’s common for people to get confused with the meaning of a web platform and a web application. Both are similar; in fact they typically will work together within a site. A platform is a dynamic framework from which applications run. Applications may consist of the elements on a profile or user page; whereas platforms don’t actually serve purpose to the end user.

You don’t necessarily need a platform to run an application, but it can make things run smoother and function better. Think about it like this; imagine building an app for your computer, but without an operating system like Windows. You would have to reinvent everything including your cursor and copy and paste functions! Platforms go beyond these simple, yet important features. They can also enable data to be readily available for application development; thereby, making the entire process faster than choosing not to have a web platform.

Finally, to make sure you understand the difference, one of the best examples of a web platform and application is Facebook. The platform is what enables the application to run. More importantly, the Facebook platform is what makes the site worth billions of dollars.

Website or Web Platform: Let Trivium Consulting Group Help You Decide

Now that you understand the basic difference between a website and a web platform, you should have a better idea of what you need to launch and grow your online business. If you’d like some further advice from a Houston TX web development company, please call Trivium Consulting Group now.

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