Why Responsive Web Design is the Only Choice for Online Businesses

Is your website responsive? If you have not already made this upgrade, you are potentially losing users, money and search engine credibility. There are many benefits of responsive web design and in this article we will cover the top 4 reasons why your website needs to accessible on every type of device. With this knowledge in mind, you can seek the expertise of a TX responsive web designer.

Modern Visitors Use All Devices

Many internet users today will access your site from a range of devices. These not only include computers, but also tablets and phones. Some popular websites have even reported more visitors from a phone than computers; thus the need for your website to be responsive is no longer just recommended, it is a considered to be a necessity. Keeping visitors happy and returning is crucial for any website to succeed. Ultimately, responsive web design is the only way to ensure your visitors recognize your site instantly no matter the device they use.

Brand Consistency for All Users

When it comes to your brand, it is crucial to be consistent; this means from print to web design your visitors or customers should easily recognize your company from your competitors. Your website should reflect the professionalism of your brand, which means it must be accessible from visitors across all devices. Responsive web design gives your visitors the same enjoyable experience and reflects your brand instantly no matter how someone is viewing it. Keep in mind that even if you are still a growing web business with limited resources, responsive web design should be a priority.

Faster Speeds, Less Bounce

A non responsive website typically increases the wait time on tablets and phones compared to loading the same site on a standard desktop or laptop; this generally causes the overall bounce rate to increase from these devices. As a result of this slow loading, you are probably losing visitors and customers do to frustration in the ever-expected “instant” mobile world. One of the best ways to increase overall speed for tablet and phone visitors is to incorporate responsive web design, and then make sure you’re using good servers. (More on that in a future article)

Google Recommended

That’s right; Google even recommends sites to incorporate responsive web design. One of the reasons is for SEO, which responsive web design helps by loading the content faster. Another reason is to stop duplicate content while improving internal link building by keeping all links consistent across all devices. Google recommends one site rather than individual sites for each kind of device. Seeing that they are the experts when it comes to SEO and linking, it’s a good idea to strongly consider their recommendations and implement them into your own web business.

Are You Ready to Go Responsive?

There is no reason to not go responsive; in fact, by choosing against it, you risk losing a large audience and damage to your prospective future growth. Trivium Consulting Group works alongside businesses of all sizes to gauge the various options of being accessible through every device. Through a free consultation with one of our Houston, TX web designers, you can make a logical based decision on what is best for your current or future website. Please call us now to find out more.

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